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Training Programs

Want to get strong and fit for life's adventures?
Whether you are hiking or trekking for an adventure holiday or event, 
If you want the best experience then be in the best shape! 

This is where the rubber hits the road! Preparation is everything! 

We provide training programs for you to be in top physical and mental shape ready to enjoy your hiking adventure. Really get those miles in your legs! 

Whether it is a day hike or an 8 day adventure.

The stronger and fitter you are at the start of your trip, the less effort and more rewarding your adventure will be. 

We will get you in stellar shape, and you will experience fulfilment that goes beyond your wildest expectations.

It’s never too early to start your training, in fact it’ s important to get started earlier rather than frantic last minute efforts! Depending on your fitness and the adventure it’s essential that you start preparing 6 sometimes 12 months ahead. 

Planning plus preparation = Fun and Satisfaction.

Every trip is different so tailoring your training to your trip is essential and makes the difference. Our programs include strength, cardio and endurance training to provide the best outcome. 

Whether it be group training or personally designed programs, we guarantee ultimate strength and fitness to make your adventure be everything you imagined and more! 

Can’t wait to see you on our training hike to get those solid miles in those legs and take your training program to the next level. 

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