This is a really big deal. Most people who come to us have tried nearly everything, have suffered and failed on a perpetual cycle of diet and restriction nearly to the point of hopelessness. Nearly.
But then they hear about us.
We love these people. They are the most courageous in the world. We understand how much this affects their life, their self-esteem, and limits their opportunities. Things others take for granted, they are denied.
It’s a struggle. Physically and emotionally. We get it. We get you. We’ve been looking for how we can give you your life back. And we found it….

Why our Program is different

“Too many people are dieting. You don’t need to diet. What you need to do is work out which foods are causing you to gain weight and which foods actually work to loose weight. When you work that out, you can actually eat a lot more. .”
We want you to love yourself lean. To be healthy and able to enjoy the foods you love and enjoy life.

When you find the right foods for you, the body stops panicking and re-sets itself. It can begin to process and eliminate stored weight, bringing you back to a healthy weight for your own body shape and size.
You won’t be in constant mental or emotional conflict with your food anymore either. You’ll be actually aware of the food you like to eat and your body likes to digest. No struggle. No resistance. Imagine that ?!
The freedom this provides our clients is life changing just in itself. There is no ‘one- size-fits- all’. It’s a new way to relate to yourself and what you eat, where you can finally be at peace with this area of your life. You’ll no longer be saying no.. but rather Yes! Not just to food – but to LIFE!!


Yes! This is important. When we increase our muscle we also increase the need for our energy. When we have stored fat, our bodies begin to utilize this to draw energy and we reduce the stores of fat in our bodies.
We also want to look good as we lose our weight and a toned body, simply looks better and feels better. Your program will include both cardio fitness for overall stamina and also strength training to help shape, contour and balance your body.
Exercise also increases our circulation and re-oxygenates our body and can assist with circulatory problems. Exercise causes chemical releases in our body that promote happiness, which is why exercise is so important to our mood and general outlook on life.


Life just gets easier when you are exercising. Tasks even around the home, which can be a struggle before, become easier and less tiring. Making beds, vacuuming, gardening, getting up and down, bending and stretching all become easier. Chronic aches, pains and stiffness disappear with exercise and our unique nutritional program actually helps to reduce inflammation in the body which is often the leading cause of non-specific muscle and joint stiffness and pain.

Your Body by Design
"I was 132kgs. I had a sore back and knees. I found it hard to do simple tasks or move about. My doctor told me to lose weight or else. I joined a gym but soon lost interest.
Leanne helped me become committed to my weight loss and exercise. She made it fun and for the first time ever I started to see results and had the help and support I needed.
I am fitter and stronger than ever. I have transformed from 132kg to 75ks. my body I never thought I Everyday tasks are easier to achieve my arthritis has improved as a result and I have much more energy."
Your Body by Design
"Not only have I lost centimetres and dropped a size in clothes. I am stronger, fitter, leaner and have much more energy. I am positive, motivated and handle anything that life throws at me and I've achieved goals I never thought possible. My life isn't the same."
Your Body by Design
"After working hard with Leanne over a couple a weeks, I'm happy to say that I'm on my way to changing things and have lost 5kgs."
Your Body by Design
"For once in my life I am enjoying exercise and love the results. Shopping is enjoyable now and I find it a lot easier to find styles that suit my new figure. Last week I went into Kitten D'more and I fitted their sexy clothes. I love the new me, I've lost 57 kgs."

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you finally break the diet cycle madness forever on  0412 353 427.