Creating Strong, Healthy, Confident Teens for a lifetime…

Setting good habits, a baseline of core fitness and health is essential to a well -balanced individual in the future.   The teenage years can be a challenge, both mentally and physically and studies have found that teens that engage in physical activity perform better at school, have more confidence and a greater level of self esteem.

The Teens programs are customised to the individual and are specifically designed to assist your teenager become a more balanced and confident individual, whether that be on the sports field or in everyday life.

Sporting Teens

The program can be used to train for and balance out their other sporting interests by adding in exercises that work different muscle groups to build strength and increase cardio performance.  This reduces the likelihood of unnecessary injury or over compensation leading to stress and strain on their bodies as they grow.  Their overall fitness and performance increases and they get education on nutrition that supports the athletic teen as they grow and develop.
Our Teen programs are also known as their ‘secret weapon’ in getting  the edge on their competitors.

Weight Loss for Teens

The Teenage years can be our hardest and often the most challenging as our bodies change and develop. We often work with Teens who would like to shed their ‘baby fat’ in a healthy way to emerge as fit, healthy and balanced young adults.

Your Body by Design
"Leanne has been coming to Hillbrook for a few years now to offer Boxing/Strength Training sessions for both boys and girls as part of our Project Active program. It is a popular choice, with close to 40 students signing up each semester. Her sessions are always intense and high energy, and despite the students complaining about the amount of pushups they have to do, or how sore their arms are, they leave after each session with a smile on their face and a sense of accomplishment. They respect Leanne, and work hard to improve their fitness."

We take into consideration their projected growth and create an exercise and nutritional plan that supports their overall goals in a healthy and supportive way. We also educate to ensure a positive mindset is created towards their exercise and eating regime to give them a sound platform of knowledge and good habits for the rest of their life.

Weight Gain for Teens

A negative Body image can be soul destroying as a teen, and we also work with Teens who wish to gain weight and develop their bodies through their high growth phase to create good posture and a balanced body, strengthening muscles and improving cardio performance.
Education around eating and nutrition supports the programs as does conversations to support a confident mindset.

Exercise for Non-Sporting Teens

Not every teen is ‘into’ sport or enjoys ‘sport’ and we acknowledge that. However the sad part is that many teens then reject exercise as it has a negative connotation associated with an unpleasant experience either at school or by attempting a team sport. Often this carries into adulthood where their sedentary habits see them face early health challenges, mobility issues and often robbed of confidence around their image or self worth.

At Your Body By Design we love working with Kids and Teens who are not ‘sporty’ to create a program that engages them physically and also mentally as they learn to move and strengthen their bodies in a self-paced, and self-betterment framework. Often in this safe environment, Teens are able to establish new habits for health and fitness they would otherwise not be able to, leaving them empowered and confident again in their own abilities and self-esteem.
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