Turn Heads!

So you have a Special Event or Occasion coming up and you want to look your best. Whether it be to whip yourself back into shape or just look and feel the best you’ve ever been, we can custom design a program that will get you results – fast!

We work with many people who are heading towards their big day as a bride, or groom, or planning their honeymoon in a luxury destination and want to look their best in those photos that last a lifetime….

Sometimes it’s the impending school reunion, where the realization of those few extra pounds we’ve collected suddenly spur you into action.

Perhaps it’s that long planned vacation on a tropical beach with your special someone …  a new Romance… A new job….

Whatever your occasion, we can work with you.

With our individual, personally tailored programs we can target the areas you most want to work on as well as build an overall strength and fitness program that will see you change shape and be proud and confident to ‘Wow!’ the world or your someone special.

For those who also want to drop some weight as well as shape up, our revolutionary new eating program is producing extraordinary results in a very short amount of time.  It will detox you to leave you feeling more vital and energetic as well as help you identify foods that work with your body to give a new understanding and relationship to your food, that will leave you empowered and in control long beyond your special event.

For more information about how to ‘Wow!’ them, call 0412 353 427.

Your Body by Design
"I was turning 50 in 6 months and was 20 kilos overweight. Something had to give, probably my health if I didn't change something. I lost that 20 kilos in time for my 50th and have more vitality, energy and freedom. I am a new woman!"
Your Body by Design
"Before I started training with Leanne Laing I could never maintain a dress size and my weight yo -yo'd back and forward. Never before have I worn anything off the shoulders and Leanne made it her personal commitment to get me into my dream wedding dress. No words can express how proud and beautiful I felt on my Wedding Day. Thank you Leanne for your unwavering commitment and perseverance."