Health & Exercise for Mums to Be

It’s your most important job! Keeping yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy is critical to not only a healthy baby but a healthy, fit and well prepared Mum.

Pregnancy requires special consideration when exercising as the body undergoes many changes and exercising safely during pregnancy is of utmost priority.

Your program will work in line with each phase of your pregnancy to ensure you maintain a healthy weight, keep muscles toned and preparing for your important task ahead.

Exercising throughout pregnancy can assist alleviate common problems such as backache, strains, circulation, help reduce excessive weight gain throughout the pregnancy and even help with balance issues.

Nutritional support is included in your program and full coaching support to keep you at your optimum level of health throughout this special time.

A strong, healthy Mum-to-be is a Sexy Mum-to-be…..

Post Baby Back-into-Shape Program

Your Body by Design
"Before I started training with Leanne Laing I could never maintain a dress size and my weight yo -yo'd. Now I have a "Healthy Body - Healthy Mind". My stress levels are down and I have been able to maintain my dress size."
Your Body by Design
"Having gained over 20 kg while pregnant I was struggling to lose weight. Now, I am fitter as a result of the training and my eating principles and good habits are healthy and stable. I can now fit my pre pregnancy jeans and can now run 10 k! Bonus!"

Now you’re a Mum, it’s time to get that body back into shape and focus on keeping up with the demands of being a full time Mum. Your Post Baby Program will work those areas that have needed to stretch during pregnancy, back into being tight, taut and terrific again.

You’ll not only regain the ‘old you’ back, but you’ll also experience a new level of confidence in your body as your build all-over strength and fitness to cope with the everyday demands of being a new mum.

Our new Mums also love the physical outlet of the program in feeling recharged mentally after working out. This ‘Me Time’ and chemical release of endorphins you get from exercising has a positive effect on mood and general feeling of wellbeing.

Your program also includes nutritional support to help bring your body and hormones back into balance and return you to your natural bodyweight. Using the same nutritional principals as our other programs we teach you how to eat for energy and vitality, allowing the body to naturally adjust and utilise fat stores without a compromise in energy.
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Later in Life Mums & Parents programs

With many women not starting a family until they are well established in their careers, it’s particularly important to address some of the physical demands on our bodies that pregnancy and parenting a little later in life can create.

Often we find we’re not as flexible or as strong as we used to be and the demands of pregnancy or activity of being a new Mum can bring challenges we were often not quite expecting!
Bending, stretching, getting up and down from the floor to play with your new bub or even being out-run by your toddler at the park, bring new challenges and difficulties that can alert us to needing a fitter, stronger and healthier body to cope. Investing in yourself at this time, can be an investment that pays dividends, rewarding you over and over again as life just becomes easier.

Our program incorporates flexibility and strength exercise as well as cardio workouts to keep you feeling younger, longer. Incorporating a full nutritional program can see your energy levels rival that of the most energetic four year old on Christmas morning.
If you’d like to feel less weary and a little more wonderful, give us a call at 0412 353 427.