Move it or Lose it!

As much as we would like to believe our one time super-effort would leave us toned and buff for the rest of our life, unfortunately we just weren’t made that way.  It really is a case of Move it or Lose it!

Our Classes and Maintenance programs are designed to give you that consistent platform of general health and fitness that allows you to operate at your best, week in and week out.

You can choose from Individual or Group Personal training programs that incorporate a variety of activities including core strength, weight training, cardio, flexibility and mobility exercise to create a balanced work out.

Many of our Personal Training clients also love the atmosphere and variety of our Classes, which include Circuits and Boxing allowing you to work out in a fun, social environment.  These are great for general fitness as well as relieving stress and tension from the week.

Nutritional support can be provided to complete your overall body maintenance program to keep you strong, sexy and healthy for a lifetime.

To find out more about our classes and maintenance programs please call 0412 353 427.