Keep Up, Stay on top…

If you’re in a busy, career job, and still have all the other demands that usually go with being a woman, then this program is for you.
Specifically tailored to the individual and designed to address the demands having a high functioning career creates. With a specially designed exercise regime, it’s you’re time out to give back to you. To create balance. To energize, revitalize and regroup. It’s your ‘YOU’ time.


Your exercise program will work with wherever you are now to shape, style and curve your body in all the right places leaving you confident with the way you look and feel.

Nutrition & Holistic Wellness Coaching

This program will focus on not just exercise, but wellness – mind, body and spirit. Keeping you toned, taught and terrific with the addition of a nutritional program that is leading the way in regulating your metabolism, hormones and literally identifying the foods that give you the energy you need. This is about health and this ground breaking program will eliminate the need for you to count calories or deny yourself your favourite foods. You can even keep your Friday night drinks with the girls!
For full information about this program, have a chat with Leanne on the phone by calling 0412 353 427.

Your Body by Design
"For me, exercise needs to be fun... otherwise I'm just not doing it! Luckily, I am always having a laugh during Leanne's programs' mixed with a bit of pain! The reason I feel motivated to go is I feel connected to the exercise program..."
Your Body by Design
"Before I started training with Leanne Laing I could never maintain a dress size and my weight yo -yo'd. Now I have a "Healthy Body - Healthy Mind". My stress levels are down and I have been able to maintain my dress size."
Your Body by Design
"I have trained with Leanne Laing for three years now. Gyms bored me and I got distracted easily and gave up time after time. I had never trained with someone who actually cared about me being healthy and strong, and making responsible, sensible choices in not only my physical training and food consumption, but also improving my mental state of mind by empowering me to stay focussed and motivated. Training with Leanne has had me push myself further that I thought possible and I now have the results that I want. I am fitter, stronger, and eat responsibly. I am more productive at work and I now have the energy to play with my kids."
Your Body by Design
"Leanne constantly varies the sessions, which cleverly disguises the fact you are working hard on different parts of the body to improve overall fitness."