Peak Performance

This program is specifically tailored to the individual and also to suit the Executive or Business Owner who needs to operate not only at peak performance in the workplace, but also wants to have enough energy left over to enjoy life to the fullest.
Often, in roles that provide huge gain, they require huge sacrifice – and often that sacrifice is our health. This program addresses the top issues faced by busy Executives face staying on top of their game and operating at peak performance.
Ideal for the busy Executive who may travel, or who’s schedule can be erratic, with structures and training that can be performed anywhere and at Your Body By Design Studio.
Your program will not only provide a balance of exercise but is also supported by a nutrition program that’s leading the way in altering metabolism and the way the body processes food. It will leave you feeling healthier and cleaner on the inside, and frees up more energy to get you through the day and well into the evening.
This program will also balance to your active mind and stress levels, to achieve a higher quality of sound sleep, leaving you refreshed and energized to meet your day’s demands.

Preventative Health

Whether you’ve been at the effects yourself, or you now know someone who has, we all start to show signs of age and often disease states. Many of our serious diseases can be prevented long before they have an impact on our quality of life or on our ability to work.
Often we know the demands of our careers are impacting and compromising our health, and literally ‘hope’ we get away with it. But deep down this niggling worry is bothering us and subsequently adding to the daily stress of a high end career.
Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, High or Low Blood pressure, Cholesterol problems, weight gain (the spare tire or two), liver & kidney function, fatigue, loss of sexual drive or function can all be prevented by making the right changes NOW.

BUT! Hang on a Minute!

Your Body by Design
"Thanks to Leanne my strength, energy and health has improved many times over. Before we started 4 years ago , there was always a reason or excuse not to exercise. That's all changed as training has become a part of my normal routine.The unexpected surprise was that I'm saving time each week . I don't need to think or plan in advance, and results are achieved far quicker with Leanne's guidance than if left to my own devices. My improved health and energy is now also making a positive contribution in other aspects of my life, including work productivity and keeping up with my young children. I look forward to continuing this journey with Leanne's guidance in the years to come."

Why do we wait for the doctor’s warning, the blood test results, the feeling of stress or depression to finally get us into gear?
This is about living. Getting back to the old you – or maybe taking the leap to find the NEW you. A stronger you. A sexier you. A happier you. You look good and feel great.
Get the respect back you deserve and the peace of mind knowing you are building a foundation of integrity for your body, your mind and your self esteem.
We know how to make it happen. You won’t recognize yourself.