Peak Performance

To perform at your best you need to have a strong physical and mental foundation, a level of strength beyond your competitive level to see you gain the advantage in your chosen field.  With over 30 years as a competitive Athlete herself and years of training competition level athletes, Leanne Laing has the experience in creating peak performance levels to take you to the next level in your sport of choice.

Being ‘match fit’ is only one element of a high performing athlete.  Leanne is a specialist trainer in finding the competitive edge through strength training for athletes in any sport or event. Her no-nonsense approach, yields a high performance result to enable you to operate at your highest level of fitness, health and competitive mindset.

This total program would also suit the competitive athlete for Triathlons and other specialised events such as obstacle events,  Tuff Mudder and Kokoda.

With her specialised skills in motivation and accountability as well as sound nutritional advice, you have a holistic training schedule that will produce the results you are looking for.

Your program is individually designed, assessing your strengths and areas of opportunity to build you a customised workout and nutritional program to see you get results fast and gain the competitive edge on your peers.

Be in the absolute best shape of your life!
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