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This is not your typical group training program or bootcamp, the programs are tailored to your needs.


The 3 most important reasons to start

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    You will become happier, stronger, sexier and you will sleep better!
    You will shed kilos and feel confident in your own skin.
    Your will live stronger and longer.

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    In a Short Time

    You will discover how to fuel, prepare and maintain your body for peak performance.
    You will discover for yourself what foods work for you personally and have maintaining your body weight simple.
    You will get how amazing you are and that you can do what you put your word to.

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    Straight Away

    Your program is designed for your needs
    You will know you are in the right place, a safe space where you can set goals and go for them.
    You will create more energy and vitality in your life and reduce stress and confusion.
    You are appreciated and supported.
    You will have fun with your fitness like never before.

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    Choose one, two or all three aspects to fulfill on your wants and needs.

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    Whatever it takes is what we provide.

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    Choose from:

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    Personal Small Group Classes

    Boxing for Fitness
    Strength Workouts
    Body Weight Classes

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    Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs

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    Performance, Accountability and Life Coaching.

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You Will Be Supported Every Step of the Way
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This is not you typical training program
you will be training with THE BEST and results are GUARANTEED!

Who is this Program for?


Want a magic pill or easy option
Want to come as you please
Are unwilling to be coached
Think you know better
You’d rather be on the lounge


Want to be fitter, stronger and healthier
Train with like minded busy people
Keen to shed a few kilos
Want to squeeze more out of life
Love short sharp effective workouts
Want kick arse results and have serious fun doing it.
Are willing to discover what it takes and be accountable.
It doesn’t matter how fit you are just how much you want to be the best you possible.


Leanne Laing Is known as the most sought after Strength, Health and fitness mentor in the world of high achieving business people.

She is famous for designing and creating strong sexy healthy bodies that skyrocket the quality of your life simply and effectively without complicated programs, hours of unnecessary exercise and restrictive diets, rules or restrictions.

Leanne partners you to design and create the body your desire which shows up in the transformation of all other areas of your life. Creating quantum leaps in you productivity and quality of life.Your Body by Design’s programs are life changing.

Some words from clients

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    Gyms bored me, I got distracted easily and gave up. I had never trained with someone who actually cared about my overall health, strength and well being.
    I am fitter, stronger, and eat responsibly. I am more productive at work and I now have the energy to play with my kids.

    Katrina Doyle // Executive Assistant, Doyle Group

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    Not only have I lost centimeters and dropped a size in my clothes.
    I am stronger, fitter, leaner and have much more energy. I am positive, motivated and can handle anything that life throws at me and I’ve achieved goals I never thought possible. My life is not the same.
    A Sue Crouch // Admin Executive

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    I was developing signs of osteoporosis, suffering from frozen shoulder and tennis elbow regularly. My muscles were breaking down. I was constantly getting treatment and spending a fortune. A few months into training I felt great and my body was starting to change. My muscles started to build up to what they used to be. I love the feeling of being able to go riding without pain. Every year I hit the ski slopes and enjoy my favourite sport without feeling sore.
    You have made me a better person.
    Melani Caldwell // Jewellery Setter, Mt Samson

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    Having gained over 20kg while pregnant I struggled with losing weight. Leanne has totally impacted my life.Not only am I fitter as a result of the training but she has helped me with eating principles and good habits.
    I feel like a different person. I can now fit my pre pregnancy jeans and the fact that I can now run 10k is an added bonus!
    Veronica Cunnington // International HR Consultant

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    My stress levels are down and I have been able to maintain my dress size. Never before have I worn anything off the shoulders and Leanne made it her personal commitment to get me into my dream wedding dress. No words can express how proud and beautiful I felt on my Wedding Day.
    Paula Hilton-Barber // Roxby Architects, Perth

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    Here could be laying your words of accomplishment. What are you waiting for?

About Leanne Laing

I Love what I can provide for my clients!

Leanne Laing

Over 25 years experience in training and developing people in their health fitness goals, which goes a long way when you’re choosing someone you can rely on.

Fully Qualified, with hundreds of success stories under her belt, Leanne’s own personal drive and motivation to live your best life, has seen her seek the highest quality and most effective methods currently available to enable her clients to see real results in their fitness ability and overall health and wellbeing.

Leanne is also a Senior Program Leader and Coach, working with global Leadership training organisation Landmark Worldwide, a provider of programs that produce breakthrough results for people in their levels of confidence, self esteem, the quality of their relationships, personal productivity and overall quality and enjoyment of their lives. Leanne brings this level of training to her client to support them through the challenges of making changes to their own lives, to ensure permanent and lasting results in the way they relate to themselves, as well as their health and fitness.

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My Promise to you is

It doesn’t matter how fit you are just how much you want to be the best you possible.
You will get stronger
You will get fitter
You will lose body fat
You will build your confidence
You will learn some things about what you eat and don’t eat
You will surprise yourself
You will have fun train train with great people
You will feel extraordinary

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