Patient Information

If your Doctor or other Healthcare Professional has suggested us or given you a referral letter, please let us know. We take great pride in specialising in medical referrals that support pre-existing conditions such as rehabilitation, weight loss, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, cholesterol and dietary issues, stress, anxiety and a range of mobility issues.
We work closely with your referring specialist to ensure we are fully aware of any pre-existing health conditions or concerns as well as working with people who have been recommended to take actions now to prevent health problems in the future.
Our team are fully qualified in their individual fields so a range of solutions can be specially tailored to support your needs.
Please ensure you bring any relevant medical information with you including your Doctor’s or Healthcare Professional’s written referral letter to your first consultation with us so we can provide the best level of care in designing your program.

Doctor & Healthcare Professional

Your Body by Design
"I started 6 years ago because I was developing signs of osteoporosis and have suffered from frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. Constantly at my Osteopath spending a fortune to get my body back in shape. I am now lean and strong and look like I did as a teen. No more frozen shoulder or tennis elbow. I never miss a session. I train twice a week and I love the feeling of being able to jump on a bike and go riding no pain, hit the ski slopes and enjoy my favourite sport without feeling sore anywhere."

We regularly receive referrals from the medical and alternative medicine professionals in our community, which we appreciate and also enjoy working with you to fully support your patients and clients.
We would best benefit from a brief medical history and detail of a particular concern or diagnosis you would like us to address in working with your patient or client.

By partnering with their healthcare specialist, we believe this gives them the total support they need to achieve new results and improve their quality of life and longevity. We will keep you regularly informed of their progress and any changes you would need to be aware of in their continuing care.
We look forward to looking after your people.

Preventative Health

We are familiar with and regularly support people who are at risk of a range of debilitating health conditions as well as design programs to get them back to good health.
Whether you have a condition that requires a level of maintenance or are starting out in your quest for a better quality of life, better mobility and flexibility, a happier and healthier body and mind, we have fully qualified trainers and experts who can assist you.
All programs are designed to take your special requirements into consideration and come up with a plan to see you create a stronger, sexier, healthier body for life!
We in the business of changing people’s lives! We look forward to being a part of your journey.