Transformation – Permanent Lasting Change

This is not 20 sit-ups in the park, this a lifelong commitment to the excellence of people’s health, vitality and wellbeing.  A journey in excess of 30 years, brings you the best in personal, one on one, tailored exercise programs,  the latest in nutritional science that blows apart the myth of the calorie count and torturous restrictions.  This is not about the unsustainable superhuman sprint and the subsequent failure.  This is about truth. This is about being real. This is about finding out what you want and giving you everything you need to make it happen.  This is about education.  This is about personal growth.  This is about you finding a fulfilment, a pride and a happiness that the world can’t knock down, because it lives in your own personal psyche, inside a level of integrity that treats your body with the love and care it deserves.

This is about our stand for you to be the best you can be.

All our programs and teachings are world class, highly researched and have been tried, proven and perfected to give you exactly what you need, when you need it.   With a strong focus on education, teaching and coaching as well as physical training, you will emerge with a new level of understanding, confidence,  new habits and practices you embrace and make sense to you at a core level.  This is what permanent lasting change is all about.  In fact it’s transformation.  Once the caterpillar has become the butterfly, it can never go back.  Only Transformation eliminates failure and is your platform for success.  We offer nothing less.

Your Body by Design
"I had never trained with someone who actually cared about me being healthy and strong, and making responsible, sensible choices in not only my physical training and food consumption, but also improving my mental state of mind by empowering me to stay focused and motivated."
Your Body by Design
"Leanne has totally impacted my life. Not only am I fitter as a result of the training I have done, but she has helped me with eating principles and good habits. As a result of my experience I feel like a different person."

Our Philosophy

We believe that each of us holds greatness.  We have courage in the face of adversity.  That when life can get crowded , when pressure abounds, and you can lose a sense of  self,  worth and or passion, we are your resource.  Your space, your time to renew, recharge, balance and grow.

We believe that the pride found in nourishing our body and our minds are the platform for performance, excellence and strength.  And we approach all that we do and provide with the same commitment.

We use words like ‘Verve’ and ‘Vigour’,  we’re not afraid to be attractive and sexy.  We eliminate ‘failure’ from our vocabulary and instead use language like ‘Integrity’, ‘Commitment’,  ‘Power’ and ‘Freedom’.  We compete only with ourselves and are without judgement of others.  We own our humanity and strive for excellence anyway.  We love people for all their flaws and also for their magnificent perfection.

Most of all we love we make a difference – THE difference, in people’s lives.  The magnitude of which, we may never fully know….