So much more than ordinary Personal Training and Basic Nutrition.

Together we design and create Strong, Sexy, Healthy Bodies for busy people. Our unique approach makes being fit and healthy simple, effective and exciting leaving you alive, satisfied and fulfilled.

You are unique and so are our programs!


We may not get to have a much of a say in what life gives us at times, but here at Your Body By Design, it’s all about creating a platform of physical and inner strength to cope with what life dishes up. So much more than just Personal Training, exercise or fitness, we are highly specialized trainers offering proven world class comprehensive and individual strength, cardio and mobility programs for everyday people. So much more than just a diet, our ground breaking Nutrition program blows apart the myth of calorie counting and torturous restrictions that are unsustainable, but rather works with your own body’s chemistry to boost metabolism, aid digestion and balance hormones and weight. Staggering results have been achieved for clients that have tried everything before. So much more than just a fad, we providing coaching, education and mentoring in Thought & Mindset techniques used by Leaders around the world to assist them make lasting and permanent change in their lives as well as operate consistently at peak performance. Our comprehensive and holistic programs regularly change people’s lives. Consistently delivering a new level of vitality, health, energy, strength and sexiness. Deliberately and on purpose, time and time again. We are not the same as everyone else… we are the real difference you’ve been looking for.


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Your Body by Design
"For me, exercise needs to be fun, luckily I am always having a laugh during Leanne's programs... I feel connected to the exercise program... Leanne makes the entire 'working-out' experience enjoyable I am pushed to my physical limits and actually like it! Leanne constantly varies the sessions, which cleverly disguises the fact you are working hard on different parts of the body to improve overall fitness."
Your Body by Design
"Gyms bored me and I got distracted easily and gave up time after time. I had never trained with someone who actually cared about me being healthy and strong,  responsible, making sensible choices in all areas of  life including my mental state by empowering me to stay focussed and motivated. "